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Ours Travel Branding

May 15, 2013

Ours Travel Branding

Brief : Ours Travel Services Ltd, are a Taiwanese travel agency based in London. The aim of this brief was to re-brand their existing Trademark which was assigned to students at University of Hertfordshire

The following idea is focused around movement, as movement tends to be commonly associated with travelling. The concept is integrated with the notion of movement within the logo. This was achieved by positioning the words Ours Travel beneath each other connecting the “R” and “T” with subtle alterations to create an arrow. Therefore to make the design consistent throughout the stationery a dye cut of an arrow is positioned at the edge of each item of stationery.

The use of bold text with an addition of a deep red colour, which is striking and attention grabbing. Red is a stimulant and hottest of warm colours, also in Taiwan it represents happiness and celebration

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